Stopped for Papers

“Poignantly Poetic” is the section of the blog devoted to the promotion and curation of poetry. Anglicanism has a long, rich history of poetry, far beyond the development of the Psalter and Book of Common Prayer. This new series seeks to offer a platform for Christian poets interested in sharing their work.

The five of us intended to commune.
Shoulder to shoulder in my godson’s car,
We rolled down Jefferson and swerved around
A grey haired man jaywalking, eyes far off.
We hung a left into the view of guards.
The long haired one alarmed the men with guns.
Under storm clouds, beside the tunnel, we stood,
As bells rung out from Mariners’ Cathedral.
They frisked us in case we were doing drugs,
And searched the car for weapons and for guns.
The crooked nosed guard gave us back our papers.
We felt suspicious eyes as we walked late
Between choir members in white robes and I lost
Excuses to refuse the weight of glory.

Clinton Collister studies theology and poetry at the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at The University of St. Andrews and edits the Poets’ Corner at The North American Anglican. His articles have appeared at Forward in Christ, Front Porch Republic, and Solidarity Hall. He and Sarah live in Guardbridge and attend All Saints. You can hear them share their love of poetry on their podcast, Poetry for the People.

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