We Give Our Thanks Unto Thee

My volume of collected essays, We Give Our Thanks Unto Thee: Essays in Memory of Fr. Alexander Schmemann (Pickwick, 2019), is now available. You can purchase your copy from the Wipf and Stock website or from Amazon.

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What others are saying:

“We Give Our Thanks Unto Thee, edited by Porter C. Taylor, brings together essays that honor Fr. Alexander Schmemann, both with its title, most apt for a eucharistic man, but also by means of its rich content.  Roman Catholic, Reformed, Anglican, various evangelicals, and, of course, Orthodox join in offering perspectives by which we can better appreciate the light that continues to radiate to diverse places from this remarkable thinker and pastor, since his falling asleep in the Lord thirty-five years ago. The essays vary from a practical supplying of in historical details for the purposes of contextualization, to an appreciative engagement with bracing points of disagreement, to a demonstration of how Fr. Alexander’s sacramental understanding may become a means of transformation in surprising places.  In all this, the joy and grand vision of Fr. Alexander emerges, encouraging readers to re-read his most well-known book, and to go beyond to those writings that are more demanding!” – Edith Humphrey

“Covering a wealth of topics and representing different Christian denominations, this remarkable book amply realizes what it promises to achieve: honoring Schmemann by engaging his thinking with contemporary voices. A fine selection of scholars explores the breadth and depth of Schmemann’s outstanding liturgical theology. What they have in common is not only a profound respect for the person and the originality of his work, but – more importantly – an ardent belief in the intrinsic relevance of leitourgia, Eucharist, the ordo of Christian worship, the Church-World interaction, and the Kingdom. Anyone who learns to appreciate the truth, goodness and beauty of liturgy, will be convinced of the indispensability of Schmemann’s role in ongoing theological discussions and research. In that respect, it is highly likely that this collection of thought-provoking essays will soon constitute a necessary point of reference for any future work on Schmemann and liturgical theology.” – Joris Geldhof, KU Leuven

“We have waited too long for exactly this book! Alexander Schmemann was, without question, the most profound liturgical theologian of the twentieth century. Yet, though his writings are eminently relevant to the church in general, they have been seriously engaged, up to this point, almost exclusively by fellow members of his Orthodox tradition and by members of one of the other “higher” liturgical traditions. Here, at last, we have a truly ecumenical engagement with Schmemann’s thought. Top scholars from a variety of ecclesiastical traditions offer illuminating interpretations of Schmemann’s texts, subject his thought to critique when that seems relevant, and then use his ideas in their own theological reflections on liturgy. Altogether, a superb contribution to the cause of liturgical theology.” – Nicholas Wolterstorff, Yale

“With many different voices, coming from diverse Christian traditions, this rich volume provides a vigorous introduction to the continuing importance of the work of Alexander Schmemann. The books that editor Porter Taylor rightly calls Schmemann’s central trilogy — Introduction to Liturgical Theology, The Eucharist: Sacrament of the Kingdom, and For the Life of the World — come into clearest focus, being here in lively ways recommended again to the reader. But other works — the critical narratives of Schmemann’s posthumously published Journals, for example — also matter. Read this book. Then, gladly, with many fresh insights, read Schmemann again. Or, even more gladly, read him for the first time.” – Gordon Lathrop

“Editor Porter Taylor assembles an expansive ecumenical group of authors, often from unexpected corners of Christianity, to connect, challenge, and extend Schmemann’s work into encounters with new research and questions. What better way to honor such a foundational figure in the field of liturgical theology?” – Lizette Larson-Miller, Huron

“In this collection, Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Reformed, and Evangelical essayists consider the life, work, and thought of Alexander Schmemann, whose contributions to sacramental theology, liturgical and pastoral reflection, and ecumenical engagement remain pertinent today. Readers familiar with Fr. Alexander will find here new interpretations by authors of different generations, while those not yet acquainted will come to understand the Orthodox theologian’s connections between theology, liturgy, life, Church, and world.” – Karen B. Westerfield Tucker

“This long overdue festchriften bears witness to Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann as a perdurable voice in the field of Liturgical Theology in both the Orthodox Church and ecumenically. This volume is a most fitting record honoring the memory of a true pastor/scholar.” – Fr. Chad Hatfield, SVOTS

“For over fifty years, serious students of Christian worship have been stirred by the writings of the late Orthodox theologian Alexander Schmemann.  This volume of equally outstanding essays not only pays tribute to his intellectual legacy, but also advances exciting new lines of inquiry for the next generation of ecumenical liturgical theologians who seek to follow in his footsteps.” – Melanie Ross, Yale