Are you looking for a freelance writer, some editing assistance for your current project, or some liturgical consultation? I’m here to help!


My writing has been published on blogs such as Anglican Pastor, Covenant, Oblation, Young People’s Theology, and Patheos. Additionally, I have written articles for The Anglican Digest, Resonance: A Theology Journal, and have several academic articles in the review process right now.

Drop me a message if you are interested in some freelance writing as it pertains to theology, liturgy, alcoholism, Anglicanism, or any combination of these topics.


I have been extremely fortunate to work alongside scholars and theologians as the Contributing Editor to my volume on Father Alexander Schmemann. During this process I discovered a deep love for proofreading and copyediting and I am now accepting clients who could use editing help for their essays, dissertations, manuscripts, thesis papers, and more.

Proofreading – $30/hour

Copyediting – $40/hour

Substantive/Content Editing – $50/hour

Not sure what you need? Send me an email to get your quote for editing services! Describe your project and the type of proofreading/copyediting for which you are looking and I will give you a free estimate.


My research and academic work are primarily in the fields of liturgical theology and liturgiology. Send me a note if you are looking to update your liturgy, desiring a new liturgy to be written for a specific occasion, or have any other liturgy-related projects in mind.


Payments for Editing Services can be made through PayPal.